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We help HR and learning technology administrators leverage the full power of your HealthStream solutions, including the HLC, HCC and HPC. We also offer support for data entry and other time-intensive projects.

From day-to-day account maintenance to high-level coursework, you’ll receive the individual service of a dedicated resource backed by the efficiency of a large team.


Administrator Creation and Management

Role management, assign administrators and grant access, account cleanup / security assurance, role utilization assessment

Student Creation

New student creation / import, demographic data update, password resets, results monitoring, account cleanup

Job Titles, Departments and Categories

Creation / management of job titles and departments, manage job category mappings

Student Groups

Group creation / management, group cleanup, profile exclusions


New, annual and recurring assignment creation / management Edits, due date extensions, cleanup, reporting

Regulatory Courses

Annotation creation / exports and management, test settings, PA test and post-test, updated course publishing

Organization Properties

Organization property management, password and timeout policies

Alerts Management

Supervisor / admin alert subscriptions, email / in-system alerts, affiliation subscription, custom templates, daily summaries

Learning Events

Outside learning event creation, HLC course learning events


Custom report generation and analysis across the HealthStream family of products

Data Management

From simple CSV to dataset mapping to disparate datasource record blending, for SQL, NoSQL, custom BI tool creation and migrations from homegrown systems to SAAS platforms

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Project Work

Data entry / cleanup / merge for credentialing, privileging, enrollment, reporting, and more

Buildings and Resources

Adding building maps, creating rooms / resources, class resource scheduling, building / resource cleanup


Course creation / management, metadata update, activity export / migration, SCORM authoring / import, course versioning / publishing, CE credit management, test question analysis


Category / subcategory additions, management, assignment reporting

Curricula and Equivalents

Curricula and equivalent creation, management, cleanup, reporting, analysis


Class creation / management, graded or cancelled class cleanup, no-show reporting; class grading entry and size, resource and wait-list management

Certification Based Assignments

Certification based assignment (CBA) creation / management, CBA admin role management, certification information entry / curriculum creation


Checklist creation / management, evaluator student group creation, checklist versioning

CE Center

CE Center management and role management

Job Functions

Job function creation / management, student group creation, import auditing

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