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ForYouHR Founder in National Spotlight for Record-Breaking eBay Sales

Shawn Wikoff and sons

In keeping with the same winning spirit he brings to ForYouHR every day, our co-founder and managing partner Shawn Wikoff is setting the bar high with record-breaking sales in a more personal business venture. A long-time baseball fan and card collector, Shawn is making national news for recent sales of his Aaron Judge rookie cards on eBay.

If you think this is a happy accident, you may not know Shawn very well just yet. As with all his business endeavors, he set out to break records with the sales and turn a passion into profit. What makes the story more interesting is that Shawn enlisted the help of his two young sons, Harry and Samuel, to sell the cards on eBay. Ever the thoughtful entrepreneur, he’s creating both memories and business lessons for the boys, and compensating them with some pretty special rewards along the way. Check out Forbes’ coverage of the story, and stay tuned for an update on what may prove to be their biggest card sale yet!

And remember, if you’re a HealthStream customer and want Shawn and the rest of the ForYouHR team to help you achieve amazing results, we’re just an email or phone call away!

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