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Aspirus Meets Critical HLC Deadline with ForYouHR Virtual Administration

Aspirus Case Study

We recently had the opportunity to help ForYouHR customer Aspirus with an urgent need during a large HealthStream Learning Center™ (HLC) restructure. While many of our Virtual Administration project-based engagements are start-to-finish, this is a great example of our ability to jump in and handle certain elements of a larger project to keep it on track when internal resources are at capacity.

The Challenge

As part of a large organizational restructure the Aspirus Network was combining several business units into one, necessitating combination of several nodes in its HLC hierarchy. This meant job codes, job titles, student groups and more had to be transferred to and married under one new combined organization. While much of this work could be automated and handled by Aspirus HLC administrators, the updating of student groups and courses had to be performed manually. With thousands of students and a critical need to continue running import files, this presented a major issue for Aspirus administrators with other priorities and little time to complete such a massive data migration before an urgent deadline.

The Solution

We immediately deployed several full-time ForYouHR Virtual Administrators to manually update Aspirus student groups to reflect new job titles and codes. Our administrators also created courses under the new hierarchy and updated related student assignments.

Rapidly completing the project was just one part of our solution. As HLC Master Certified administrators, we know the platform inside and out and are able to quickly identify discrepancies. Our team worked with Aspirus’ Senior Learning Management System Administrator, Marcia Hallas, and LMS administrator, Amber Hoelter, to troubleshoot potential errors and complete all work not only at lightning speed, but also with absolute accuracy.

The Results

These manual updates would have taken Aspirus administrators several weeks and resulted in the loss of critical updates from the inability to run recurring system imports. When asked how long it might have taken them to complete this piece of the project internally, Amber replied:

“I don’t want to think about how long it would have taken our internal HLC administrators to perform this manual data migration. We don’t have the ability to drop all other responsibilities to dedicate even one FTE—let alone several people—to a task like this for days on end. ForYouHR Virtual Administration was the perfect solution to our urgent need.”

Aspirus gave us a one-week deadline to complete this work. We delivered it in three days. When asked if they’ll use our services again, Marcia laughed.

“We will absolutely use ForYouHR Virtual Administration again, and it will only be a matter of time! The exceptional attention to detail, rapid execution and impeccable service make that phone call an easy one. You truly are a trusted extension of our team.”

Thanks for the kind words, Marcia and Amber! We look forward to helping out again…and are here when you need us.

How Can We Help YOU?

Have a large restructuring or other time-sensitive HLC project? Or perhaps you have an ongoing need for Virtual Administration? We’d be happy to discuss your needs and exceed your expectations!

Check out our Services page to see the many ways we can help, and contact us or your HealthStream representative to add ForYouHR Virtual Administration to your HLC subscription.

How can we help you improve business and clinical outcomes?

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