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Virtual Administration: A Key to HealthStream Learning Excellence

Who is ForYouHR?

ForYouHR is a Nashville-based provider and pioneer of virtual administration for HealthStream’s workforce management solutions. We help healthcare providers save time, optimize user experience and improve learning efficiency with HealthStream products.

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ForYouHR is:

  • HealthStream Focused. We only serve customers of the leading healthcare learning provider.

  • Scalable. Elastic support capable, we grow according to demand.

  • Agile. Our adaptive, efficient workflow provides assistance where you need it.

  • Hyper-Responsive. We offer immediate response times.

  • HealthStream Certified. Our team holds HLC Master Certifications and leverages best practices from a nationwide network.

Working closely with HR and Learning Technology Administrators, we help you better align with HealthStream best practices to deliver excellent results and get the most from your investment.

What is Virtual Administration?

Just as business owners hire bookkeepers and accountants to remotely manage accounting software, HealthStream customers hire ForYouHR to provide remote (or virtual) administration for HealthStream learning software. Our team helps your team manage increasingly heavy workloads and streamline processes to improve efficiency.

virtual administration

ForYouHR is able to provide high-quality, efficient administrative services because our work is performed in virtual capacity utilizing unique, task-based teaming methods. The majority of what we do is handled via email or phone support, as well as directly within our customers’ HealthStream platforms. This saves them time, reduces cost and allows us to provide a service that fits any budget.

With term lengths based on your need, we act as an extension of your team and support your day-to-day experience. From basic access issues and course authoring to SCORM file uploads and custom reporting, we provide flexible, exceptional service. In addition, we offer project-based support that can transform 600-hour, 3-month projects into 1-month deliverables. Engaging us allows customers to develop a competent, compliant workforce while remaining focused on other organizations priorities.

Why HealthStream?

HealthStream is the leading provider of learning technology for U.S. healthcare providers, with a large majority of the nation’s healthcare organizations plugged into its platform. Approximately 4.5 million professionals rely on HealthStream and its partners to stay current with learning and compliant with applicable law.

nurse with patient

With the most innovative technology, the largest healthcare audience and a steadfast commitment to helping providers deliver the best care, we see HealthStream as the choice of excellence for healthcare learning. We also see unlimited potential to help customers leverage the full power of HealthStream offerings for the good of the patient and, indeed, the entire healthcare system.

In our minds, healthcare providers have the most important jobs in the world; but you face unprecedented change, stringent regulation and limited resources that make it increasingly difficult to succeed. We value the opportunity to support you in your mission to provide excellent care.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Interested in learning more about how we can apply our network-wide expertise to help you save time, achieve goals and maximize ROI? It’s easy to add virtual administration to your existing HealthStream subscription. Contact your HealthStream representative or reach out to us directly. And subscribe to our blog to unlock time-saving tips and best practices to optimize your HealthStream investment!


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